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Project Chance Africa

Project Chance Africa Inc.

 Project Chance Africa is a registered Canadian Charity since 2007.

Our mandate is to raise funds for the purposes of social, educational, & medical needs of the children and people of the Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.

Project Chance Africa’s past projects include the purchase and renovation of a primary school in the south end of Mathare in 2004/05.

We added on to the school by creating a medical clinic in 2010.  Currently, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital (the top children’s hospital in East Africa) runs the clinic as part of their “Outreach” Program.  On average 800 patients a month attend the clinic.  They offer immunizations for children living in the area as well as HIV/AIDS workshops.

Over the years, Project Chance Africa has expanded their services to include MCEDO by funding their food program and helping pay teachers’ salaries.

We add our support to Paa Moja, an after school program addressing the social needs of young teens, as well as Roots, a community based youth program, that helps street children.

We created a single Mothers sewing group, which has become fairly self sufficient, making school  uniforms, reusable sanitary napkins and decorative clutch bags made of old cement bags & Kanga, which are sold in Canada.

We fund needs as they arise such as a new roof for the community centre, drain pipes to alleviate flooding during the rainy season, secondary school fees for an orphan etc.

Our future goals include:

developing programs for disenfranchised teen girls and women at risk of being trafficked.  To that end we have rented a small safe place for them to meet;

assisting the community with rebuilding the community centre;

supporting MCEDO, (primary school) with their food program, and teachers’ salaries.

We shall continue to help in the further development of the Mathare Slum community in ways that further the education and security of the children.

Project Chance Africa Inc.

Suan Cross, Founder.