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Vazi Project

Back ground
Vazi is Swahili word that means clothes.  Clothing is a basic need yet for most children in Mathare, it’s a luxury. MCEDO cares for slum orphans and the vulnerable children (OVCs) living in extremely deplorable conditions of utmost poverty with basic needs such as clothing and shelter being a luxury.

Though the CBO’s initial focus was empowerment through education opportunities and it’s remained the core mission, MCEDO has expanded its programs through custom made initiatives that address youth talent development as well.

School uniform and PE kits for majority of the children remains a big challenge in the school. This gap that kept on widening with time led to creation of vazi project.

Vazi project has been designed to provide solutions such as these:

  • Provide uniforms (School uniform and PE uniform) to needy children.
  • Equip young women with entrepreneurial skills to uplift their lives through creation of employment opportunities.
  • Reduce poverty through consistent and reliable income flow among mostly single mothers who have been living in the most horrible conditions and abject poverty within mathare slum.
  • Create additional income for MCEDO through uniform cost sharing
  • Create uniformity among all students as uniforms give pupils identity