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Talanta Project

Talanta is Swahili word for talent.  Talanta program manages in and out of school youth with variety of opportunities such as sports, entrepreneurship, music, drama, and dance.

Mathare slum has several young people who spend days idling. Their potential, skills and talents lie in waste due to lack of resources, mentors or opportunities.

Slum challenges can be harnessed creatively through drama to relay profound positive messages on pertinent issues such as HIV/AIDs, Environmental pollution and teenage/adolescent sexual issues among others.

These empowerment initiatives are designed to make the youth earn a living in creative yet fulfilling ways such as music, drama and other forms of creative arts. Leisure time is spent in variety of sports to actively keep the youth involved in constructive ways such as soccer hence reduce involvement in substance abuse, transactional sex and crime. Business training as well as startups will lead to creation of dynamic entrepreneurs among the youth in the slum.

Talanta program identifies, natures and builds talents such as drama, music and dance among the youth in mathare. Its role is to:

  1. Promote local talent through exposure and support mechanisms e.g. mentorships
  2. Create awareness through public performances
  3. Through partnerships, do a collabo music featuring the challenges of the youth in the slum.
  4. Promote sporting through strategic partnerships
  5. Create a talent academy for harvesting youth talent

Beijing Stars
Beijing stars, Mcedo girls football club has grown from humble beginning since it began in 2007 despite enormous limitations. The girls train daily after classes on a small field with rough terrain next to the school premises.

Though the students have been excelling in girls football, limited resources and space have been some of the challenges facing this noble program