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Somo Project

Somo is a swahili word that means Education. MCEDO offers education opportunities to needy children in mathare slum. The program involves provision of education in primary school through Mcedo Beijing, Mcedo Mixed secondary as well as high school scholarships in various schools. The education department runs formal and non formal education. The formal education constitutes the 8-4-4 curriculum administered at the primary and secondary schools.

Once the students complete primary school, some are supported by the institution to go through their high school education through funded scholarships. MCEDO is currently searching for partnerships to avail more scholarships as only few students currently benefit.

The informal education section constitutes intensive training for skills development in fields such as tailoring, knitting, woodwork, food production and metal work.  This has however remained unexplored due to lack of funds and space. The informal program is designed to accommodate the students who are not awarded the high school scholarships.

Provision of quality education has been MCEDOs focus though various issues such as adequate space and trained personnel have been a major setback. There is a wide gap identified for the students within and those supported through the centre. To bridge this, comprehensive educational materials and scholarships need to be sourced.

Creating strategic partnerships with likeminded institutions to ensure quality education is offered is the main avenue. This will involve a blend of formal and non-formal education to create an all round students within the centre. The approach factors in the role played by positive models in shaping the minds of children, hence the incorporation of popular personalities among others.

Partnerships with organizations such as Junior Achievement Kenya will offer valuable entrepreneurial skills to lessen dependency burden on employment through development of business skills. Weekend exchange programme with likeminded organizations will also be valuable in skills transfer through their successful non formal curriculum.

Firms offering scholarships among others will be approached to provide some scholarships to the high school and college students.

Manageable fee for cost sharing option will also be explored. This will provide funds that can be used for the general maintenance of the facility for continuity purposes.