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Shibe Project

Shibe is Swahili word meaning satisfaction after feeding. The feeding program has been pivotal in MCEDO as this has been the main attraction to most children idling in the slum. Approximately 600 children are served lunch daily. For most of the children, this is the only meal till the following day.

Though WFP has been providing the food cooked during lunch, there is urgent need to explore options of providing breakfast and addressing the major challenge, the sustainability of the program. This food project will also cushion the organization’s food shortage.

Shibe project hence aims at creating cost effective and sustainable ways of addressing the food challenges. Many children attend classes because of the lunch while others sneak out of class during break to scavenge in the nearby houses.

The project will address issues such as food hygiene, improved catering skills among the staff, cheaper alternative food supplies, feeding shelter and supply of kitchen utensils and equipment among others