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Malazi Project

Malazi is Swahili word meaning accommodation. This project is designed to manage congestion in the centre through provision of additional Shelter(space).  MCEDO’s target beneficiaries have been mainly the highly disadvantaged children and youth in the community. Through successful implementation of various community education and development based programs; the institution is slowly bridging opportunities gap through custom made initiatives that address the youth in totality. These include formal and non formal education among others. Most of the extracurricular activities such as talent management have remained unexplored due to space challenge hence the need to identify a long term solution. This challenge led to the design of Malazi Project to address Shelter need.

Why Malazi Project?
The centre has been a refuge for many children over the years. Some of the challenges that led to this project include:

  • Exponential growth over the last 3 years with an increase from 450 last year to 600 in 2011.
  • Congested rooms e.g. toilets, library, existing classes
  • Lack of rooms e.g. teachers staff room, classes, administrative offices,
  • Need for dining hall/multipurpose hall
  • Need to upgrade from mud houses to permanent building
  • Budget constraint due to rent on the make shift classes
  • Room for additional programs e.g. talent development facilities